D'Jay Sundance

Introducing Sundance

Jay Sundance is an internationally known Trance and House Dj whose music has pumping bass and melodic hooks. He has a background in theatre, which is evident both during his Dj sets, and in his recordings. the energy he brings to his music is palpable.

He is UK based, and has been tearing up clubs with his feel-good house and dynamic DJ performances for a long time, often bringing the session musicians used in his tracks on stage to perfrom live

Run Flat

Introducing Salvatore Moretti

Run Flat is a House music producer and DJ whose priority is to make people dance, and experience the best night of their lives. 

His upbeat main set tracks have been lovingly crafted to bring good vibes and dopamine hits.

He hails from Italy where he is an integral part of the EDM scene, but his music is known and loved on an international scale